DAY 219 (Hot, Hot, Hot)

Today, has been a good day, hot, hot weather, happy Charlie, sitting in the garden and off to do a photo shoot of the lovely flat coat retriever, I’m only posting one photo as his Mum hasn’t seen them yet…and she reads the blog so it wouldn’t be fair!! (So it’s not even going to be a good one…!! You’ll have to wait)

Told you it wouldn’t be a good one….but you can still see how beautiful he is!!

I was having such a lovely day and we decided to take Charlie for a slow, amble this evening. Suddenly, a little, young puppy raced over to say hello – Charlie turned to look at him and the howling started, the head pulled to one side, the trembling and the eyes bulging…oh god I hate this….although he’s now sat at Hubby’s feet waiting for him to drop a morsel of food!! (as though nothing happened) I’m going to ring the Vet tomorrow and have a chat and see what we can do.

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