DAY 220 (And Charlie is going on holiday!)

Ooh it’s even hotter today!! I’ve set up the ironing board in the garden, I was full of good intentions, but it’s actually far too hot for ironing! And given that we haven’t had sunshine for such a long time I decided to set up my own little space for sunbathing, and make the most of it!  I have my sun-lounger with a towel on it, the parasol is up and providing shade, the table is next to the sun-lounger with cool drinks but the “piece de la resistance” is my shower!! Yes, that’s right I have a shower!! It cost pennies and it literally plugs into the hose pipe, so as soon as I’m too hot I turn on the tap and cool myself down!! It’s great!!

We went to the vets today (without Charlie) it was a bit like going to see the headmaster!! We had a chat about what to do next…we’ve decided that we don’t want to stress him any further by making any decisions about having x-rays, m r i scans, surgery etc (we couldn’t afford it anyway!!) We’re going to keep him on the tablets (pain killers and anti-inflamatories) We’ll be taking a load with us on holiday. We are to keep him calm, to give him very short, unexciting walks on flat ground, no jumping, skipping or a-hollering for my boy!! We will then see if he improves, if, all being well – he does, we just continue like that and hope he makes a recovery. If however, he still has problems, then we shall have to go back to deciding what would be kinder for Charlie. At the end of the day, he is a very tough, little chap and his joy in life is his running in the woods and being with other dogs…etc. So if push comes to shove and his quality of life is such, that the compromise is too much ie: for our benefit and not his, then we will have tough choices to make. BUT….let’s not dwell on that, let’s work at getting him better and enjoying the time we have with him…who knows he might just come bouncing back!! But boy, he’s going to miss his walks, as will I – as you all know it’s the highlight of my day when I meet with all my friends! So, YES, he is definitely going to be using his passport and we are going to give him a brilliant holiday!! So I thank all of you who have sent so many kind wishes and left such sweet messages. ( They really do pick me up 🙂 )

Now then – photos…here are a couple of that beautiful pup I saw yesterday….he really is very, very handsome although it did make me giggle, his ‘mum’ wanted a photo of him without his tongue hanging out, but it was really hot…bless him – he tried his best but it was all too much…

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