DAY 225 (Trials and Tribulations)

Someone doesn’t want me to go on holiday, it seems that everything has conspired against me today….

I had so much to do, here is a little taster:

1 Drop keys off at work
2 Walk Charlie
3 Take some photos
4 Do shopping for Picnic
5 Do Poster on PC for business
6 Clean Bathroom
7 Empty Fridge and clean
8 Put the bins out
9 One last load of washing

Ok sounds easy peasy, I started of by killing three birds with one stone, went to drop the keys off at work with Charlie and my mate Canon!!

What a lovely sunny day,  I drove to work, Charlie delighted to be coming with me. I dropped off the keys, and then went for a stroll with the dog through the village and to the green, when suddenly the biggest, blackest cloud appeared from nowhere! It chucked it down and I ended up in a little sleeveless t-shirt sheltering under a tree with Charlie who hates the rain, trying to hide between my legs and Canon who also hates the rain hiding up my t-shirt!! I was the one who got soaked!! But did manage to get tasks 1, 2, and 3 completed!!

Then off to the supermarket, as I was about to get out of the car, we had another black cloudstorm, thunder, lightening, and a downpour, there was no way I was getting out in that so I had to sit for a good 20 mins waiting for it to pass. (if you were watching the Olympics Ladies Road Race you’ll know how bad it was….I live very very close to the venue) Eventually, ventured from the car into the supermarket and got all the bits needed, by now I’m feeling better.

As I was driving home my mobile started ringing, I pulled over into a layby…cut off, I try ringing back, no answer, and it was a phone call I didn’t want to miss, so I wait, no signal, I decide to make a run for home and hopefully I won’t miss the call.
I’m unloading the car, (how much food can one dog eat on holiday!!) it weighs a ton, mobile rings, home phone rings at the same time and I have my hands full, I dump everything just in time for both phones to stop ringing. I desperately need to speak to the friend I missed on the mobile, no answer, I ring the number recieved on the home phone, hubby, “Have I done the poster yet?”
Right, I’ll do the poster, as I’m at the PC I’m redialing my friend on the mobile and get through, huge relief, Poster now done, dropped it off for Hubby to put up in the window. I go home and think great that’s another task completed. I’ll go and make up some sarnies for the picnic, but I’ll just put that last load of washing on, I’m going great guns….just as I’m up to my eyeballs in ham and cheese another phone call, it’s hubby again, I’d put 2011 on the poster instead of 2012 “Can I do it again?”. I wash my hands and go to the PC the home phone rings again, it’s a different friend, as I’m chatting the mobile goes off…oh by this time I’m pulling my hair out and feelling somewhat frazzled. After answering all the calls, packing up the picnic and printing off the poster, I’m just about to drop it off for Hubby when the phone rings again…this time it’s my sister, wanting a ‘chat’ well believe me that can go on for at least an hour and bearing in mind I’m going on holiday with her, I imagine we will have plenty of time for a ‘chat’ …. oh no she wants to tell me everything, I cut it as short as I couldu…about 20 minutes! But at least that’s tasks no’s 4 and 5 completed.

Right time to put the washing out….guess what? Yep it’s raining so I put it in the kitchen, I hope it dries, there are last minute bits I need for the hols!! No 9 – Done!!

OK bathroom, I start well, and find a small plastic bottle which would be ideal for putting some shampoo in, it would save taking the extra large family bottle with us, how difficult can that be? Oh what a gloopy mess, I have shampoo all down my t-shirt (now needs a wash) all down the front of the cupboards so I tip the excess down the sink and later found my backyard full of bubbles!! But hey, the bathroom is sparkly and clean and it won’t be suffering from dandruff that’s for sure!! Task number 6…done!!
No 7 – back down to the kitchen, empty the fridge, passing a sponge over the shelves I lean over the clothes rack (which should of course be outside but it’s raining) I lose my balance and my elbow knocks a jar of mayonaise off the counter and on to the floor, it happened in slow motion, I wait holding my breath, will the jar break or am I just too lucky today…guess what? it didn’t break you see I’m just so damn lucky it’s untrue…I think someone was beginning to feel sorry for me and gave me a break!!


Task no 8 – Easy just put the bins out…nothing happened!!!

So you see my day is improving!! The lounge is full of bags ready to pack into the car, Charlie is lying as close to them as possible so that we don’t forget him!! I don’t think he realises we’re not going til tomorrow so he’ll probably spend the night on top of the suitcases!!

I think I need a holiday! I can’t wait…I shall endeavour to upload a photo a day….wish me luck.

Happy holdiays:D


5 thoughts on “DAY 225 (Trials and Tribulations)

  1. It never fails: The getting ready part of a vacation is exhausting and stress-filled. Breath a sigh of relief as soon as you get in the car. I look forward to watching your “de-stressing” journey. Happy Travels to you!.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me…I will get in the car and go through my mental check list then I will be able to relax!! I’m so happy to be going away, just hope we get some good weather!!

  2. Absolutely delightful read! You describe with great wit and creativity the huge tasks we women always face before going a vacation (I think you call it holiday). This blog post is a keeper.

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