Day 228 (disaster strikes!)

I’m sat in the sun in my sister’s beautiful garden, the sun is belting down, I have Charlie at my feet, What disaster I hear you ask! Well the Hubster has been whisked off to the local hospital! He has the most outrageous toothache. He went to an emergency hospital in Paris last night at midnight, they gave him an injection to calm the pain, some painkillers and two lots of anti biotics, this morning it was worse and has deteriorated really rapidly, I’ve never seen him in such pain.

I don’t know if you’re aware that all of Paris closes down in July and especially in August. My sister must’ve rung 25 dentists surgeries this morning (and for once im not exagerating) in a vain attempt at grabbing an urgent appointment! Are you kidding me? Not one,eventually hubby was in such pain that my sister and my brother in law have taken him to the A & E dept!

Now most of you will know that I adore France but today it was just like being in a third world country, if you ever come here, DON’T have toothache in the summer!

I’ll let you know how he gets on. In the interim here are a couple of photos from the garden, now you know who is the arty one in the family!

I’ll add photos later!


4 thoughts on “Day 228 (disaster strikes!)

  1. What a dreadful start to your holiday , really felt for you as we had the same problem here some years ago and like you had to resort to A&E ,hope the toothypeg has been treated
    and you can get on with your well deserved break !

    • Well it’s not better yet, the Hubster is again at the dentist, he’s in agony, he’s even talking about coming home! He’s on the strongest pain killers and they’re having no effect whatsoever!

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