DAY 229

I will fill you in on the dental disaster soon enough but suffice to say it isn’t over by a long shot. Hubby is in agonizing pain and no one seems to give a hoot ….. That’s me being very very polite!!
Charlie on the other hand is topping up his tan ready to hit the beach next week, no doubt hoping to impress the French girls!!!!



8 thoughts on “DAY 229

  1. There is nothing worst than toothache, I’m told that not even child birth comes close, at least after child birth their is something to see and take your mind off the pain, what of a tooth pulled, is there a tooth fairy….??
    Glad Charlies enjoying the sun….

  2. oh michelle, poor b, pearl filled me in today, its not fair, you poor guys, this must be putting a dampner on things, my thoughts and best wishes are with you x x x x x x x x

    • So far a catastrophe! The only respite he gets from pain is swilling with ice cold water and that gives about 20 seconds relief! He’s in absolute agony. I think if they removed all his teeth he’d be happy. The worst thing is he went to dentist for a check up two days before we came away – to be on the safe side. This is a total nightmare.

  3. Have been thinking of you both ( very special people ) hope B has some relief from the
    dreadful pain he has been in and you can stay and enjoy the rest of your holiday xxxxxxx

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