DAY 230 (or should I say tooth hurty)

Ok so briefly a quick run through the first week of our annual holiday! Two days before leaving on our Hols, hubby went for a dental check up, result one filling. Got to France on Monday, hubby complains of toothache, eventually find a dentist who is open during August but can’t see him before Thursday! So we make an appointment. Pain subsides and we go into Paris. At midnight pain is so bad it’s a trip to the hospital where he’s given an injection to calm the pain and a prescription for anti biotics and some strong pain killers. Returned to my sisters and after a couple of hours pain free it comes back with a vengeance. We ring every dentist within a 20 mile radius and eventually find a private hospital. There hubby is seen by a ‘playboy’ whose more interested in flirting with the nurses than caring for a patient. He informs hubby to come back tomorrow to remove one tooth and if that doesn’t work he’ll take out the one next to it!!! Hubby asks for stronger pain killers and this guy ignores him and tells him to continue with the medication he’s been prescribed without even looking to see what it was!! On leaving the hospital hubby tells the dentist to get stuffed, explaining that our dog is treated better by his vet!!! The next day after a sleepless and pain filled night we go to the dentist we’d made an appointment with at the beginning, at least he listens, a bit, ah yes he says one or maybe two teeth need to come out but I don’t do extractions!!! Have you ever heard of anything do ridiculous? Never mind, he’ll refer us to his very good colleague, yes you’ve guessed it, the dentist hubby had given a tongue lashing to!!!
Hubby has just come through the door a little pale, massive swollen cheek, packed to the rafters with blood soaked wadding, one tooth and a hundred euros less than when he left!!! Let’s cross our fingers, toes and anything else you can think of that the pain has gone for good!!
We are now going to hopefully have our holiday, what’s left of it!!! Nightmare or what?


8 thoughts on “DAY 230 (or should I say tooth hurty)

  1. Lets hope the sea air and salt water does the trick and you can start to enjoy your hols,keep Charlie away from those French poodles… you have been through enough !
    Ioved your sisters garden and the colour of her bench….given me ideas for next year.

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