DAY 241 (More of Paris)

Well I feel as though I’ve never been away…I’m still dreaming of my hols! I’ve had a lovely day today and as I don’t return to work until Thursday I’ve still got my holiday hat on!!

I’m pleased I got up early today and caught up with a friend in the woods with the dogs, it’s so good to catch up, and the dogs were delighted to see each other.

I’ve had a problem with my camera which means I’ve had to look at each photo in turn to check them for dust bunnies!! It seems to have taken an age, I’m all bog-eyed now!! I have however sorted out the problem with the camera, I think, so hopefully any photos taken from now should be fine!!

Here are some more of Paris and then, all being well, tomorrow will be seaside and village photos.

Paris has some amazing bridges and although most people go for the Pont Alexandre, which is truly beautiful and ornate, I feel that some of the more mundane ones are just as stunning… and I just love it when you see the metro going over the river.

The only problem with visiting a city like this is that you end up bumping into people because you’re taken by views above the eye line!! There are some lovely sights!

Not everything is what one would call typically beautiful though, the following scene caught my eye as I saw all the smoke billowing out of the chimneys in the distance!!

But then of course there is the Seine and I think these pictures speak for themselves!

The river is buzzing and I saw these guys flying by….wouldn’t want to mess with these!! They look like something out of a Bruce Willis film!!

And here’s one for good measure of the Notre Dame….

and I just loved this…..

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