DAY 242 (Batz sur Mer)

Well after our trip to Paris, we set off to a little village called St André des Eaux, more about that another day! We based ourselves there and took day trips to various little villages in the area. We were in the Loire Atlantique area of France so looking at the map of France we were on the left hand side about a third of the way down! (how’s that for geography?) Keep it simple that’s what I say 🙂
We went to Batz-sur-Mer, a lovely little village, we parked in the car park, free of charge, in fact while we were away we didn’t pay for any car parks at all! We walked down to the sea front … it was a lovely little place, very peaceful despite there being so many people there!
I’m not sure I would’ve liked to have gone in the water though, there was a lot of seaweed and stones, and I’m a mediterranean kind of girl when it comes to going in the sea. I need to be able to see the sand through the water and I freak out if I see anything but sand!! Such a wimp!! We walked along the coast and up onto the rocks where we got some lovely views of the coast line even Charlie seemed to appreciate the beauty!

They call it the “Cote Sauvage” which translated means the “Wild Coast” and on a day like this it didn’t look too wild, although I have seen it on a windier day and it is very impressive, I can only imagine what it’s like in the winter!! It must be really wild and quite desolate then.
Walking back to the car we passed some really interesting holiday homes, can you imagine having a place here? What a dream!
This one was right on the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea!

There were a couple of houses that even had turrets!!
We drove along the coast and Charlie had been a little miffed to see this sign at the beach…

And although he’s not a great lover of water we decided to find somewhere for him to paddle and cool down….a little further on we found a beach that did allow dogs and Charlie was only too happy to dip his feet in – he looks quite happy doesn’t he?
A few tentative steps!
Well that’s it for today, I hope these pictures will bring you a little warmth…it was absolutely boiling hot while we were there….tomorrow all going to plan, I should have some more of another visit we made. Long live the holidays!!


2 thoughts on “DAY 242 (Batz sur Mer)

  1. I love the photos of Charlie… if he enjoyed it how could you not… loved the photos and the journey… love this post…(can’t we get a love button as well as a like?)

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