DAY 246 (Le Pouliguen)

Well I’ve been slaving on the PC for the last 3 hours, doing some work for hubby. Now I’m lying in the garden, in the sunshine, can you believe it? They say today will be the hottest day of the year, so I’m topping up my tan, it fades so quickly! That’s why I’ll write this on the ipad and then add the photos later!! Tan’s all important!!
I thought I would take you back to France again! Come along now, today let’s visit a town called Le Pouliguen (pronounced like hooligan but with a P)

Again a lovely town and as we arrived and found a long stay car park, we assumed it would be another similar fishing town like some of the others we had visited. As we walked towards the town centre we soon became aware that it was a larger town. Bigger shops, more traffic, just generally busier. It was a scorcher of a day and as we got further from the car I realised I’d forgotten the bottle of water and bowl for Charlie, what a numbskull! Fortunately, although the Brits are renowned as dog lovers, the French could certainly give us a run for our money when it comes to pampering our hairy mutts! Every cafe, restaurant and most shops had a bowl of water on the pavement, so with my mind at ease – we set about exploring a bit, we walked up a side street onto the main thoroughfare and it was flanked by an estuary that gave onto the sea (doh!) The “river” was bustling, jet ski lessons, yachts, little sailing ships, fishermen coming in for lunch, it was a hive of activity, we joined the other land lubbers and enjoyed watching this busy world in front of us

It was really beautiful, however, I did spot one or two games arcades, they were silent, clean and not at all trashy!! So, I’ll forgive them for that!
The pier went right out and I ventured to the end, wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sea so busy, they needed traffic lights out there!

We returned to the town – passing a beautiful carousel, the painting on it was truly a work of art and it even had curtains and a hot air balloon!!

By now growling tummies were a priority, we found a lovely little restaurant in a side street overlooking a pretty square and settled in, Charlie, as good as gold settled in the shade under the table and we didn’t hear a peep out of him. Let me regale you with my menu choice, firstly we all started off with a beautifully chilled glass of Breton Cider, wow I could do with one now!!

For starters, I had marinated fresh salmon, followed by a magret of duck with a wild cherry sauce. We forced ourselves to polish off a lovely bottle of chilled white wine and I finished off with a “cafe gourmand” (which is an espresso coffee with four, yes four, mini puddings) oh my, can you tell I like my food? and looking down at my tummy now, I can see exactly where that cafe gourmand went!! Ha! who cares, there’ll be time enough to shed those extra pounds, it was well worth it.
I can see it now, this blog will develop from a photography blog into a dieters journal! And looking at the next photo you’ll understand where i’m coming from, I was livid when I saw this one hadn’t worked! Damn it -how did I get this wrong? I swear it was taken before the cider and the wine, honest!!!
Ah well, that’s it for another day, at least we have some glorious sunshine and I’m not working, so I’ll pop in get these photos uploaded and back out for another top up…..

Hope you have sunshine where you are 🙂

2 thoughts on “DAY 246 (Le Pouliguen)

  1. I loved the photos, so wish we were there right now ( can almost smell the sea )
    Thank you for sharing your delicious meal with us !

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