DAY 248 (A bit of the UK)

OK so I’ve been boring you, no doubt, with France for a while now, although don’t think it’s over!! I have more photos to enthrall you with – it’s just I haven’t had time to edit them yet.

Yesterday I decided to walk with the hubster while he and his friends played golf, I would take some photos, now there’s a surprise!!

There was a time when I would’ve wanted to play, but yesterday the sun was out and I really fancied taking some shots that were different to dogs, flowers and holidays…although having said that there were a fair few flowers on the course so I shall start with those!!

They started off with a warm up on the driving range and then some putting practice….

Then we walked around at a leisurely rate – it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be.
There were some near misses and some rather ‘blue’ language but all in all I think everyone had a good time!!

Hubby’s friend was kind enough to oblige when I threw a ball into the bunker and took the shot so I could take the shot….if you know what I mean…shame I didn’t quite catch the ball!!

It was warm but not so warm that we wanted to take a dip in the pond!!!….sorry I mean water hazard…..

I was really pleased with the results at the end of the day, even though they are primarily golfing photos I think there’s something there for everyone!!

May I just add a massive thank you to all of you who have voted for my picture on the Facebook page for the competition…..(this morning’s post…very early)

I really want to win, as I want to buy Charlie one of those lovely soft padded harness’ as he is no longer allowed to wear a collar because of his spine so I thought it would be nice to get him a more comfortable harness than the one he has at present….I don’t think I’ll win but wouldn’t it be great if I did…..:D

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