Shameless plug!!

OK I know this is a shameless plug, I’ve entered a competition to win a sackful of doggie goodies (for Charlie) but in order to win I need people to vote for my pic of a diving spaniel…and as I’m not on facebook, I dont’ have any friends….ahhh sad fact of life!!! If you would like to help me win please feel free to  pop over to this page by clicking on the link below…..and click ‘like’….there I’ve done it, I have no shame!!!


Thank you so much 🙂


14 thoughts on “Shameless plug!!

  1. Done it and commented… asked for help myself for a competition from my friends here and came fifth in the competition, felt so proud… loved the photo in any case and would have voted for it… going to share it on FB, which I’ve done and asked all my friends to like it… Charlie deserves all the goodies… hope it helps…

    • Oh that is so very kind of you!! Gosh I hope it wins, I want to buy Charlie a new padded harness because he’s not allowed to wear collars anymore because of his neck so I want to buy him one of those lovely soft ones…ahhh!!! Thanks again, you’re a star!!

    • I too, I so want to win, but there are some cracking photos on there…very cute photos which mine isn’t it’s more technical and as it’s the public who vote I think a cutsie will win!! I don’t think you have to be on FB to vote I think you just click on the link and click on the ‘like’ button….I’m not sure!! But thanks for your support!!

    • Hi how you doing? I know I so want to win but there are loads of people there with so many fb friends, one of them has 120 odd likes and it’s a really crappy photo!! Sorry just me being a bitch!! But honestly can’t they see that mine is technically perfection, what’s wrong with the world…Charlie needs a new harness….I need, I need, I need!!! Thanks so much for your vote, I will do everything over the next couple of weeks with my fingers crossed:D

      • Having enjoyed your photographs I know you have a fantastic eye for capturing the perfect moment, not mention the technical jiggery pokery for getting it right. Out of interest have you ever thought of becoming a Facebook drone? You never know, it could be a positive thing!

      • Ah stop, you’re just flattering my ego now!! Ha Ha…I used to be on FB but I just had to stop, I have such an addictive nature that it was taking over…isn’t that a terrible thing to admit to? Worse than any illegal substance, I was so hooked but I see where you’re coming from…maybe I will try again in the future but I really have to get control of my addictions!! Rehab here I come 🙂

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