DAY 250 (Ironing bliss!)

My goodness, where does the time go?  Not only am I back to work again tonight but this is my 250th day of blogging – I can’t believe it!!
I have been in the garden, catching the last of the sun’s rays, in my shorts and bikini top, my iPhone plugged into my earphones, turned up really loud, ironing is one of those chores I never look forward to but with music, (loud music) it is the perfect way to dance, yes you read correctly, it’s probably the only time I dance!!  You really must try it….especially to Paolo Nuttini – Pencil full of Lead, Amy Winehouse – Valerie and Shakira – Waka Waka!! I tell you the pile of ironing goes down so quickly, that you end up wishing for more!! Goodness knows what the neighbours would think if they caught a glimpse!!  That’ll bring down the value of the houses in the hood!!

Right I just want to prove that I do have a little bit of will power, here’s some of what’s left of the chocolate from last night….see I didn’t eat it all….!


8 thoughts on “DAY 250 (Ironing bliss!)

  1. Ha Ha dont believe you, mega caffine in chocs so hope you slept well ! but at least you danced the calories away !! please keep making me laugh and the great photos

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