DAY 253 (Just another Sunday)

Phew, I love Sundays!
I had such a hard time waking up this morning, my bed was so comfortable and I didn’t want to leave it, I think, given the choice, I would’ve stayed there until midday!! I slept so well last night and am feeling all refreshed! I haven’t felt like this in quite a while.

I’ve walked Charlie and he met up with all his pals and they were really well-behaved which resulted in a lovely, calm walk. Maybe he was picking up on my vibes and was relaxed like me!
I’ve played with Photoshop today and have learnt a new effect which I really like, it works really well with black and white photos…here’s one of my friend’s dog and I think it’s gorgeous, although it does help when you have a beautiful dog as your subject!
Ok back to France!! We stayed in a little village called St André Des Eaux, so named because it is in between the waters of the sea and the waters of the marshes….it’s a very tiny village, and we could walk to the village down a lovely cycle track through the fields to do our shopping. There was a bar, village supermarket, boulangerie, chemist, two churches and a couple of banks and that was it….but very quiet, just the way I like it!

We stayed on a lovely little residence that had some appartements and some little semi-detached houses, it was perfect, I loved the roof tiles and the way there were fixed with little silver clips….when it rained and then the sun came out they twinkled on the rooftops…it was quite a sight.

We had some beautiful skies while we were away and I found myself up most mornings sat drinking my coffee watching the clouds, I know they say ‘red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’ but we had this in the morning but the day proved to be hot and sunny.

Another little port village that we visited was Piriac sur Mer, and we wandered around it discovering the little side streets.

At the harbour,  I caught these three fishermen who’d finished work and were just opening up some bottles of beer, I grabbed a first shot of them, and they called to me to take another, asking if it would be in the press!! They were loud, happy and cheerful….oh the French do love a tourist!!  I wish I could say I look that happy when I’ve finished a shift at work!! They obviously love what they do!!
The Brittany region is famous for it’s Crepes, yummy, both savoury made with a wholemeal flour and the more traditional with sweet filling….oh I could go on….but I’ll put on weight just thinking about it!! So here is a picture of a typical creperie and the Brittany Flag!!

Vive la France!!

15 thoughts on “DAY 253 (Just another Sunday)

  1. beautiful pics and am glad ur trip was amazing and that you enjoyed it.
    my Fav here is the fishermen picture, just seeing them happy made me smile, its a beautiful moment captured 🙂

  2. What a lovely Sunday post… and I love your sojourns to France… but that first photo should be in a calendar, lovely, or for that matter in a frame at the owners house… beautiful

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