DAY 254 (Photo Cheat!!)

I went up to the woods very early the other day, in fact, far too early, my eyes weren’t working at all, I couldn’t focus, as for my brain, I think I’d left it on the pillow and yet for some stupid reason I’d taken my camera with me.
While I was there I saw some of my friends who have two of the most beautiful dogs, they were playing around in the shade under the trees,(the dogs, not the owners!!)  I took a couple of shots, but was all too aware that I just didn’t have my “photo head” on and so, called it a day after a couple of shots, I just knew it wasn’t even worth trying!!
That’s one thing I’m grateful for, I know when I’m beaten and so knew that it was totally pointless trying to get the shot, for goodness sake, I was mentally still in my pyjamas!!

Today I decided to download the photos and as I thought…. total disaster!  I have been taking my photos in RAW and yet have never used this facility to edit photos (to be quite honest I’m pretty lucky and don’t need to edit very often) so I thought today I would give it a little try, and attempt to recuperate what I could. So with the use of the editing suite and the fact that the photos were taken in RAW this is what I managed to do.

OK I’m not saying that the ‘after’ photos are brilliant or something you would want to frame and hang on your wall but it’s quite amazing what you can do with a little software!!!

Photo 1 BEFORE

Photo 1 AFTER

Photo 2 Before

Photo 2 After

( I can only apologise for Charlie’s bottom!! There’s only so much Photoshop can do!!)

Photo 3 Before

Photo 3 After

Photo 4 Before

Photo 4 After

by the way, will you look at the big sissy rolled up into a ball on the ground!! Silly Sausage!! :))

Photo 5 before

Photo 5 After

So you see – playing around with the sliders, adding grain, changing the saturation, exposure, adding a vignette, it’s been an eye opener!

And so there you go….this is what I’ve been playing around with today!! It didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it and all in all probably took me 30 minutes playing around, I’m quite sure professionals could tidy up dramatically on a bad photo!! But for now I’m quite impressed with the results.
Having said that, I’ve learned my lesson, if I’m not awake, I don’t take the camera with me!!! Ha Ha.

2 thoughts on “DAY 254 (Photo Cheat!!)

    • Amazingly, I too thought he was a GSD but he’s actually a Husky crossed with something and I can’t remember what but he is absolutely stunning and so well trained.

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