DAY 260

This is why it’s been so mad. My first wedding!!! Photos to follow, all being well!!


3 thoughts on “DAY 260

  1. I have actually had a good laugh at this post, not at you, but myself, I read that you’ve been mad because it’s YOUR first wedding, and I couldn’t believe it, that you would be mad at getting married for the first time… I flew over to your bio and realised my mistake… it must be your first wedding you’re photographing… what a clot I am… but then it is very early in the morning… I wanted to comment “well skip this one and go onto the second” .. can you imagine your reaction…”whats this idiot on about?”
    Sorry hope all went well…lol… still laughing at my miss read…

    • Easily done, I wrote it so quickly!! And as you say early morning….made me giggle too….what must you have thought! Although I’m sure there’s many a bride who maybe feels like that!!

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