DAY 265 (A day at the country fair)

OK this is going to be a really quick blog again…but at least this is short because I’ve had a day out!! It’s been the most beautiful day, definitely an Indian summer over here in the UK. Oh and the good news is – I’ve become a Great Aunt again!! This is for the fourth time…makes me sound really old doesn’t it?

Wimbledon Windmill

The Hubster and I went with a friend and met up with others at a fair on Wimbledon Common it was a lovely day out….just chillin’.  Walking around, browsing the stalls, people watching, and Charlie came too along with his friend Archie….

This is Archie after a lovely long roll in the dry grass!!

One of the stalls we came across, was run by Joe Pawson and what a find….he’s a herbalist and made up and gave out samples of the most exquisite herbal teas, a remedy for everything…….really amazing! I bought some of the Geranium and Lemon Lip Balm and I’m truly hooked…it’s wonderful…if you click on the photo of the guys at their stall it will take you to the website… I took more photos of his fabulous concoctions but need to edit them a bit more and I’m a little pushed for time just now…I’ll do it soon…must add it to my ‘to do’ list…I still haven’t finished all the wedding photos!!

Here are a couple more photos from our day out…..

Och aye the Noo!

Jam for Sale

Bird of Prey landing on my friend’s arm, she’s braver than me….have you seen that beak?

It wouldn’t be complete without the colourful balloons

Now then you know I don’t normally put up pictures of myself but you just have to see my boy eating ice cream!! He loved it!! (And deserved it, he was so well behaved, I was really proud of him) oh apart from the moment he very nearly pulled my friend into the pond for a dip!! Whoops!!!


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