DAY 267 (Woodworking?)

Well – more like me watching the Hubster sort out my outhouse….we started building it ages ago but never got round to finishing it off. My kitchen is so small that there is no room for the washing machine or the tumble drier so we’ve come up with an idea for putting them outside!! A little shed which is totally insulated and this way it won’t freeze up in the winter….we hope!!!

Well today we bought the timber to clad the outside of the shed and I’m really really pleased with the way it’s coming on. I was going to paint it green although I’m tempted to leave it natural, it blends in quite nicely.

Sorry must rush have more wedding photos to edit….I’ve done the majority now I just need to sort them out into order!!! Oh my goodness this has been really really hard work and I think it’s affecting my eyesight!!

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