DAY 277 (Exhausted)

I worked so hard last night at work, I’ve woken up with what can only be described as Wooden Legs and Puffy Eyes…I’m shattered! I had a bit of a scare at work last night when I rubbed my eye at one stage, I must have had something on my hand because the burning in my eye was really savage.  Fortunately my colleague had the emergency eyewash to hand and doused me with it…it seemed to do the trick, but it’s not a good look, mascara down my cheek and all my hair drenched with sterile eyewash….no wonder my eyes are puffed up this morning!!

We walked or should I say shuffled around the woods this morning and again why won’t I learn that on days like today I really shouldn’t take my camera with me? Honestly, I can hardly see clearly and I’m trying to see through a viewfinder!! I must be mad.

It was a lovely walk though and there is evidence that Autumn is on it’s way…the leaves are just beginning to change colour…as beautiful as it is I still prefer the sunshine and warm weather, I wore a scarf today!! Boo Hiss!!The dogs, however, thought it was wonderful and this little monkey thoroughly enjoyed rooting through the ferns looking  for the ball, the big black patch is actually my mate the flat-coat retriever also looking for the ball!! (You can just make out his tail!)
Now this little JR may be small in size but she is a little terror and will take on just about anything, anything that’s not too threatening that is!! (Such as rabbits, squirrels and bicycles!)  Here she is playing ‘Face Off’ with her mate…..

Guess who backed down?

I’m off!! See ya!!

Actually this dog is so quick that I have taken his photo numerous times and they are always a blur…too much fur me thinks!!
But isn’t he wonderful?

I think I’m going to spend the day spoiling myself until it’s time to go to work again…I’m thinking, bath, hair wash, nails, coffee, chocolate and a kip…..and I refuse to feel guilty!! So there….anyway!!

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