DAY 280 (Raindrops and Scones)

Well I woke this morning to the sound of the rain lashing against the window…it was really giving it some welly. I opened the curtains and yuk is all I can say. The road we live on is what is termed as an ‘unadopted’ road which means no-one takes any responsibility for it, as a result in the summer it’s a dust bowl and in the winter it’s just a length of track full of pot holes! This morning the drains were having trouble with the sheer volume of water and it was laying in the potholes.

I made my way downstairs and glanced out the back window at my lovely Olive Tree…more raindrops on the windows.

To the front of the house, where there used to be a lovely old house, which has since been demolished the builders were building!! And they’d brought their friend along with a crane…oh the joys…I did consider going back to bed and starting again!!

We did a local lead walk with Charlie who wasn’t all that keen!! He hates the rain, we got soaked, note for my next pressy (which will be Christmas) I need a totally waterproof jacket!!

We settled down for lunch and you know when you’re inside and the house is warm, your clothes are dry and you have a full tummy, life isn’t so bad! Charlie was curled up in his basket snoring and we watched a movie.

On my sideboard I have some lovely sweetheart roses that have passed their best so I took a quick snap and played around on Photoshop a little more this afternoon. I’m still loving it, I go on to YouTube and look for tutorials, there are thousands there…keeps me out of trouble!!

Ah Tea Time…what shall I have….in the kitchen I found some scones that I bought the other day, I toasted them, it seemed the right thing to do on such a grotty day. They were delicious with a massive mug of steamy hot coffee!

The Hubster is now off to work so I’m going to meet a friend with her dogs for a very quick circuit around the woods whilst it’s dry, well dryish!!

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