DAY 285 (What? No photos?)

First things first – You’ll notice no photos today but……you’ll see I’ve put some links up for you, so you won’t be disappointed!!

I really wanted to take my camera with me on my walk today but with it being Saturday and the sun shining I knew the woods would be busy and thought it would be too much of a handful with Charlie too…so I left it at home.

As I was walking along I was thinking about my photography, have I improved? Well, I would say, yes definitely. I used to click away like a mad woman willy-nilly, in the hope that I would capture a magic moment and on occasions would be very surprised with a good shot.  I still take lots of shots but at least now I think a little more about composition, lighting and framing etc. Now particularly when I’m going out ‘with the camera’ I have a vague idea of what I’m trying to capture and how I would like the finished article to look!

I’ve won some competitions which is brilliant in fact I’ve only entered two and won a prize in each which is really encouraging – I think maybe I should enter more but it really is all about finding the time and it’s not as simple as uploading a photo with name and address etc, normally there are stipulations as to the size of the photo, editing restraints etc etc…so I think I must apply myself to that very soon.

The first comp I won was in the local County magazine, Surrey Life….here’s a link:

If you click ….. HERE and go to page 30!! (Note the photoshopped photo of me…not a wrinkle in sight!!)

Then I entered a competition on a Dog Product Facebook Page and was runner-up, this was quite amazing as I’m not on FB (or Face Ache as I like to call it!!) so I don’t have a multitude of friends that I could call on to vote and so I feel justified that people voted for the photo because they thought it was good!!

Click HERE for the link….(Mine was the diving spaniel)

The company K9byigloo do some really cool doggie products…and I won a lovely new identity tag for Charlie!!

I have been one of a group of photographers (or Artists as they call themselves) who display and occasionally sell their work on a website called photo4me…I’ve had a sale which in itself is pretty spectacular as there are approximately 4300 artists there and someone out there bought ‘my’ image!!

Click HERE for a link to my portfolio….oh and please feel free to buy, buy, buy!!

I just wish I could do this full-time, but it really would have to be full-time, I’m amazed just how time-consuming this malarkey is!!

Then of course there is my blog, which I love doing but again ‘finding the time’ is my biggest hurdle…a lot of my photographic improvement has been down to this, the fact that you lovely readers send me comments and feedback. I’m not sure if you’re aware how helpful and encouraging your comments are to me, but they are truly appreciated. I’m today on day 285 which means I have 80 days left in my yearly challenge that’s just 11 weeks!! It’ll all be over by Christmas!! In fact if you click HERE it will take you to my very first blog…oh how I’ve progressed!! I think when I’ve done my year I will continue to blog but shan’t tie myself down to one a day it’ll probably be more like once a week!!

So my dear readers, followers and friends, I shall leave you with a photoless blog today!! I’m off to do the cleaning….have a good day…

I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with some lovely photos…who knows?


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