DAY 287 (A challenge to myself!!)

Ok I’ve been thinking I need a challenge, when I took the photography course I was inspired weekly now after nearly a year I find it more and more difficult to test myself especially as the weather is getting more and more grim…so my challenge this week is to take a photo and try and come up with a different version of it every day for a week!! Am I going to regret this…very possibly…so by the end of it you will either be saying gosh that’s fab or you’ll be rolling around on the floor in fits of the giggles…either way sounds pretty good actually….so here goes nothing…this is the original photo…..

If you have any ideas and you would like me to have a bash, please let me know, I could probably do with some encouragement…7 days is a long time!!!

6 thoughts on “DAY 287 (A challenge to myself!!)

  1. I think challenges are good, if nothing else they keep us at our toes n dats good n healthy, if not physically too much atleast mentally and sumwhat emotionaly.
    The pic luks pretty good as an original and am sure u can come up with alot of things to do with it, sooo all the best and will b lukin forward to a diff version every day 😀
    good luck

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