DAY 288 (Balloons Day 1)

Well this was done at some ungodly hour in the morning!! I couldn’t sleep so started with a background layer and then some other various effects on PhotoShop….didn’t make me tired though although I’m wilting now!!

Oh Yes! I know it’s hard to keep up with me, people in high places and all that!! My friend went to Buckingham Palace and brought me this lovely hand and body lotion, I desperately want to say that it’s awful but it is beautiful!!

And here’s a photo of the boy being soft and daft…it’s his meerkat impression never fails to get a cuddle and a tickle under the chin….baffoon!!

8 thoughts on “DAY 288 (Balloons Day 1)

  1. i love the first try, soo waiting to see what u do more with the pic
    and OMg this lil cuteness is such a winner, i cant get over how cutely he has his ear down n all (innocent/angelic) look 😀 hehehee, please give him a cuddle form me too 😀 he totallly deserves it!

    • Isn’t he a little darling, he’s now eleven and a half but can still give most dogs a run for their money! I’m really enjoying the balloon thing, hope you like today’s even though I had trouble uploading it;)

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