DAY 295 (I’m taking the pill!!)

No don’t worry – not that pill!! I’ve given in I’m afraid, I’m so fed up with not sleeping that I took a sleeping pill last night, it was a very mild one and I only took one not two as recommended (I was afraid that I might not wake at all if I took two!!) Well, I can’t tell you the difference a good night’s sleep has made…I feel like I’m on a different planet….talking of which here is my own little planet that I built today!!!

I was asleep last night at 11pm and woke up this morning at 7:30 like a little bird! I’ve been busy all day and am still going strong and it’s now nearly 6pm:) Is this what it’s like for normal people? Wow, what an eye opener….I feel alive, I’m so excited I can’t wait to go to bed tonight!! Believe me this is quite an event, I hate going to bed, because it always seems such a waste of time….

Well as a result of all this energy, I’ve managed to help the hubster do more decorating in the lounge, it’s coming on great guns, he’s even made me a new fire surround and some cupboards to hide all the black boxes that go with the TV with all the wires….you know what I mean!

I’ve been playing for the last hour on photoshop and look!!! Aren’t these fun and not a balloon in sight!!!

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