DAY 304 (Downton and Hagen Daas)

The closest photo I have to Downton!!

Well I don’t know whether I should feel embarrassed or not!! This afternoon we decided to have a ‘Downton’ afternoon.  We didn’t see the first 2 series of the programme and so we thought we’d better catch up with the rest of Britain!! As we have (which is fabulous for people like us) we have set out on a quest to see what everyone is talking about….we’ve completed series one and are now into the second series, episode 4…so far we’re really enjoying it….and today as it’s a work day (or should I say night!) we had our lunch settled down on the sofa, with a tub of Hagen Daas Ice Cream and popped on the next episode. You see for us this is the time when we watch the tv, the same as normal people watch the tv in the evening the only difference is – people knock at the door, friends and neighbours just ‘pop in’ and so they catch us looking very unkempt and slovenly on the sofa….I have absolutely no idea what they must think….I no longer give excuses or explanations!! I don’t really care cos in the next couple of hours they will be settled snugly on their sofas watching the TV in their jimjams and I will be hard at work…so I have no guilt!!

Unfortunately I haven’t been out with the camera in days and so I feel I now need to trawl through my back catalogue to see if I can find something of interest….I apologise, I’m hoping to get out this weekend…promises, promises!!

I love this sculpture of a man on a swing!

My Downton!!

2 thoughts on “DAY 304 (Downton and Hagen Daas)

  1. We just had Downton marathon night after work tonight! Along with homemade pizza and brownies. A friend is in the middle of a move and had missed the last few episodes. I realized I can watch them multiple times and not be bored. So you’re not alone 🙂

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