DAY 307 (grab your parasol!)

What a lovely day! Had a great nights sleep. Up with the larks and out on a dog walk with two lovely friends with their dogs.
One of my friends saw this amazing mushroom/fungi and plucked it from the ground announcing that it was a parasol and its edible. I wasn’t so sure but sure enough she knows her stuff (I googled it!) although it does mention that it can disagree with a few people and make them feel unwell or come out in a rash. So I hope as she and her family tuck into their wild mushroom risotto tonight that they’ll enjoy it and will find themselves in the minority!!!

As you can see it truly is a whopper!! I did a smidgen of cleaning (well I don’t want to tire myself out, I’m working tonight). We had a Neighbour join us for a coffee and a chat then after a yummy lunch settled down for another episode of Downton!!!
I’m now at work sat having a coffee before going to face the task at hand. I don’t know what I would do without the caffeine boost, it certainly keeps me on my toes…. Right must go. Off tomorrow hopefully out with my camera.

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