DAY 308 (Clearing out)

OK! I think most of us are guilty of holding on to things that we no longer need, in my case I hold on to things in the main due to sentimental value however with clothes it’s just I know I spent so much money on something that even if it’s not suitable or not worn, I can’t bring myself to throw it out.

These aren’t mine by the way!! Read on…..

I’m getting better at it with age and I am so grateful for charity shops at least when I donate something I know that the next person who owns it will have paid something for it and it will be going to a good home, not to mention the money raised for a good cause.

I’ve never been a  very good shopper especially when it comes to clothes.  I tend to see a garment that appeals to the ‘inner’ me…Let me introduce you to the ‘inner me’ I have a dog walker who walks my dog twice a day, I have two cleaners who come to the house every day at 9 and spring clean all day long, I buy ready meals so the cooker and oven are NEVER used, when the girls change my sheets they use a new set every time so there is no washing or ironing, not to mention all the disposable socks my husband has so I don’t have to spend hours trying to pair them up….etc….OK you get my drift.

Now then this is a typical shopping trip for me – I see a garment, love the colour that’s the first draw, then I look closely, I like detail, buttons, embroidery anything unusual, then the clincher, the more difficult it looks to get on the more I like it…. and then I buy it.  Without so much as a thought as to what it will ‘go’ with in my existing wardrobe!! And so I arrive home I unpack my new purchase and I put it on, I strut round in it, check myself out in the mirror, Charlie gets a sharp rebuff as I tell him not to put his wet nose on it, I need a coffee so I take it off as I don’t want to ruin it. It goes upstairs into the wardrobe, I show all my friends when they call….”Ooh look what I bought!” Chances are it will never see the light of day again, because firstly I’ve got nothing to go with it and it is totally impractical for the life-style I lead.(I use the word style very loosely!)

I get up, I walk the dog, I get jumped on by other dogs, I come home, I need to wash the car so I don’t bother to change, after that I may Hoover, that’ll make me sweaty – no need to change just yet, I make lunch, the mud on the trousers is dry by now and so it’s not worth changing them as I’ll be going up for a shower and off to work….the next morning…I’m off to the woods, so there is no point in putting on clean jeans and so the same old pair go on….and so the cycle continues!! I’m just a scruffy mutt, I admit it! I was a tomboy as a child and still am.  I would dearly love to be a smart lady who lunches with friends, who has handbags that match her shoes and goes shopping but no I’m a mess, – I don’t know if I should admit this but sometimes (in fact most days) I go out in the morning without showing my hair a brush….Oh the shame of it!! Well at least I would survive if all the little luxuries were taken away!! I’m most definitely a low maintenance woman.

Anyway I digress, the reason for this post is that I’m helping a friend sort out her life by that I mean her Wardrobe Life, now this friend is worse than me because although now she’s a jeans and jumper gal, in her past it’s been dinners and galas and all sorts and her wardrobe reflects this way of life, it is a ‘real’ ladies wardrobe!! We’re talking beautiful suits, coats, jackets etc I could go on. We have decided to sell what she doesn’t want….and this is the result,

Welcome to the Boutique!!

you may well suck in your breath….I heard you! I’m going to invite all my friends over for a shufty, if they see something they want – great – if they don’t I get the added bonus of seeing my friends!!! So everyone’s a winner.

I just have to congratulate my friend who has taken the bull by the horns and has decided to have a clear out….she knows she won’t get the true value of the clothes but at least she will have cleared her cupboards and at the same time made a little money.

As a result of this, I have now added… clutter… to the bottom of my “to do” list!

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