DAY 310 (another possible challenge!!)

OK I’ve found an hour to play around this afternoon and I’m wondering whether or not to set myself another challenge!! I’m asking for trouble aren’t I?  It’s just I took this photo a while back and I just love it but I’m sure I could do something a little more interesting with it….
I know that at the moment it’s a little squewiff and it has a very busy background and dirty windows!! I’m sure I could do something with it though…they’re just such great pipes!!

Here’s another shot of them which needs something doing to it!

and lastly I tried a new effect on this photo…what do you think?  I quite like it…I think it looks almost as though it’s been painted….anyway, I’ll have a think about the challenge, I think the Balloons of a couple of weeks ago nearly killed me (well stopped me sleeping) so maybe I’ll just challenge myself to come up with 5 alternatives!!

Let me know what you think...

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