DAY 312 (Don’t mention Pipes in our house!!)

I can’t believe it, here I am working on a picture of pipes

and I must’ve tempted fate as we have a major problem in our kitchen…yes our beautiful new refitted kitchen.

We had a boiler breakdown in Feb this year and called out an engineer, (I shan’t mention the name of the company!!) anyway we thought all was fine but the plonker (excuse my french) forgot to replace a washer and unknown to us our boiler has been leaking under the wooden flooring since February…the first sign we had  that there was something wrong was that there was a very bad odour… poor Charlie – we blamed him for quite a while!! Then I thought we had a dead mouse, then as it got worse we thought even a dead rat or cat!!! No it was rotten, stagnant water rotting the underlay and the wood!! Well, long story short, we’ve fought with the boiler company and they’re forking out 75% for a new boiler and to replace the flooring….oh joy of joys…just what we needed!  My cooker is now out in the back yard and the place looks like a tip again!

Damn it, Damn it…and there we were just starting to redecorate and thought we were on the home straight…ah well such is life! It just goes to show there’s no such thing as a ‘sure thing’, we’re now going to have plumbers moving in and then we can crack on and replace the floor, goodness knows how we’re going to manage it with all the kitchen units in place!!!  Always optimistic, there has to be a silver lining there somewhere….so on the bright side, thank goodness it’s happened now before the really cold weather.



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