DAY 313 (it’ll cost ya, Mrs!)

I just wish I had more time to blog today but I’m a little overwhelmed with sorting, dehumidifying(if that’s a word) building bonfires and sorting out the loft and I’m off to work in a while and I’ve not eaten anything and I don’t have a cooker! And I’ve not been food shopping!!
At the moment we have a plumber here giving us a quote for a new boiler. We led him into the kitchen and he sucked in the dank humid air in through his teeth – “oh this is a nightmare, mate!” We’re his first words. Very encouraging I thought. I couldn’t stand all the grimaces, frowns and tuts so I’ve left the Hubster to deal with Mr Pessimist and have come into the lounge with my iPhone to blog!!!
Now on the other hand I had a lovely walk this morning even if it was a good bit chillier than it has
been. The dogs loved it!!






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