DAY 323 (One step forward in the kitchen and two back with the camera!)

The kitchen advances, yes, but I haven’t had the time to take any photos!! I’ve been too busy playing Master Go-for today….we’ve been doing the tiling and it went well, it’s amazing the difference a few tiles can make…definitely smartens things up a little. And our kitchen is now more or less functional (or functionable as I like to call it!!)
Well we’ve finished for today and have sat down and polished off our first proper home-made meal now that the cooker is installed…we’re shattered, I made the mistake of having a glass of red wine and am now feeling very, very tired and the thought of my bed is beckoning and it’s only 7:30pm!! I must try to eek out the evening or I’ll be up at 4 in the morning!!
We had a lovely Persian meal, called Ghormeh Sabzi, which is truly delicious, it’s normally lamb (but we do it with chicken, less fatty and probably better for us!) it is served in a wonderful green sauce which is made up of herbs….it’s truly comforting and after a day of being out in the back yard cutting tiles and leaving the doors open it was so cosy curling up on the sofa with a heartwarming bowl of food.
It’s been really chilly today and I noticed the first puddle which was completely iced over. I hope it is fine tomorrow as I’m meeting with a friend and we’re going to take some photos…so fingers crossed.
We had such fun at our friends last night, when we arrived we were offered the most wonderful glass of mulled cider which was delicious, I was very lucky in that I chose the magic glass….every time I looked down it was full again…miraculous!!! The kitchen table was laden with the most fantastic food, all piping hot and when we finished all of that we made our way into the garden for a firework display!

OK now I must admit the fireworks weren’t the most impressive that I’ve ever seen and some of them decided to fly off on a horizontal plane rather than a vertical, plus I’d had a fair few ciders, plus I’ve never taken photos of fireworks in Manual mode before….can you sense what I’m doing here? Yes, I’m building you up to a disappointment in the photographic department….anyway here goes….no sniggering please!!!!

So there you have it, we go out to watch fireworks, and we had a great time and we didn’t even need the fireworks we had such fun with our friends we could have done without them!!

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