DAY 324a (For Dave Farmer!!!)

Honestly, some people 🙂 Actually Dave I’ve had such fun doing this, not very good but I think I’ve understood how to do it…took a while and definitely room for improvement…what do you reckon? Is this cold enough? The second one is a little weird!!!

Eeee it were freezing out there today!!!

I remember back in 1951 when we had a snow storm!!!


4 thoughts on “DAY 324a (For Dave Farmer!!!)

  1. Oh for sure! That’s much more wintery. I particularly like the falling snow. Um, too much to ask for a snowman? No. It’s fine. Effective. A winter wonderland. Jack Frost would be proud. No snowman though. Just saying… 😉

  2. Being serious now. Trying anyway. I like the top one for the effect and the bottom one for the snow. It seems to be moving faster, like you were caught in a blizzard or moving quickly through one. Makes it feel chilly in a way, compared to the softer more peaceful feel of the top image.

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