DAY 327 (a woman’s work is never done!)

Well today, I’ve been a busy bunny now that my kitchen is fully functional, the washing machine is plugged in and it has been on the go since first thing…oh boy did I have some washing to catch up on….guess I’ll be ironing for a while!!
I’ve got a couple of photos here that I’ve taken over the last couple of days, we’ve had relatively good weather and so some of them are quite seasonal…although I really do think we’re going into winter in a bit of a hurry! What’s the rush? Let’s enjoy the Autumn a little longer, please!!

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I’ve a guest coming to stay tomorrow so I decided it was time to have a relatively good clean, oh my how I’ve neglected the rest of the house…there is a thick layer of very black dust all over the place, it must be from all the work we’ve done in the kitchen, honestly it gets everywhere! It’s really horrid.

All’s looking and smelling much cleaner now though!! Ah the satisfaction…..


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