DAY 331 (whoops!)

Well last night I spent some time splitting the two cakes – decided one would be covered with cream and the other with chocolate!! Of course. I was quite happy pottering in the kitchen when the Hubster returned. He looked impressed and so he should!!

Time for a cuppa and a slice, well they did need testing!

We popped the kettle on and went and watched the news while we waited.

I was just thinking about the pleasure of lifting my first mouthful up to my mouth, salevating with anticipation when crash! A massive noise from the kitchen! What on earth? We both jumped up and squeezed through the door frame, side by side to get to see what it was, Charlie tied up in our legs, not wanting to miss out on the excitement!!! We all slid to a stop at the kitchen door scanning around trying to work out what had made that noise. Aha there it was – oh no! The under cupboard strip lighting had come away from it’s fixing and landed squarely on the cakes!!!!

Oh but dont worry – it takes more than that to put me off, but what a mess! Chocolate everywhere! On the bulb,on the switch and on the cover!
Anyway we cleared it up and continued with our well earned special treat. Oh boy talk about sugar rush. The result being I went to bed, my mind was racing and I ended up getting up at two cos I just could not sleep! I got back to bed at 5 this morning!
Needless to say I shan’t be having cake for supper tonight!
I don’t feel guilty either it was delish.

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