DAY 334 (sitting and waiting)

I’m sat in the waiting room at the surgery waiting to be called to go and have my flu jab. Now I’m in a special bracket so I get a freebie!! And NO I’m not in the old age bracket. I have asthma (and yes, I smoke and I have a dog and I do all my own dusting!!!) every year I have my flu jab and I’m always ill in the winter, I thought this year I would give it a miss as I thought it may be the jab causing me to be poorly. I have decided that I might as well have it, we’ll I’m say here and there are 16 people sat very closely to me, coughing, sneezing and spluttering, blowing their noses in hankies the size of bed sheets! No it’s not the jab that makes me ill. I think next year ill get it done down at the supermarket or maybe I’ll wear a mask!!!!
The dog is in the car, crossing his legs and waiting for his walk and the Hubster is at home shampooing the carpets!!! Life’s not so bad eh?
I’ll try and get a snap on the walk although the weather is pretty dismal!!!! Don’t hold your breath!!!!!


This one is for Dave he wanted to see a larger version. Hope this works!!

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