DAY 335 (The most wonderful day)

Well, I wish that everyone could have days like this…


Up early this morning,
Sun Shining,
Walked the dog,
Met with friend,
Put the world to rights!
Went out with camera,
Sun still shining,
Sky Blue,
Glorious scenery,
Got lost!
Walked alone,
Enjoyed life…

In a hurry now to get ready to meet friend to go for something to eat….
Can life get any better than this?


This reminds me of a Monet Painting.

This water is amazing…the colours and the clearness of it…fabulous.

Really cool reflections


The Road to Nowhere?


Someone’s put the empties out…must have been a cracking party!

Now that’s what I call a chimmney!!

Do you think they keep getting the wrong post, maybe just prescriptions!!

And this last photo is my first attempt at a process called focus stacking, I’m quite pleased with the outcome, it’s a process that takes several photos taken from the same viewpoint but altering the focus point on each take…then by magic they are blended together so that the foreground and the distance are in focus!! Clever eh?

For anyone who is interested this place is called Silent Pool, in Surrey in the south of England.  It’s truly wonderful and well worth a visit…here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about it.


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