DAY 338 (Oh for a clean car!)

There are a couple of things that I really dislike having to do…one of my pet hates is shopping – any kind of shopping, food shopping, clothes shopping etc…I don’t mind DIY shops but that’s my limit!! But the one thing that I really, really dislike is hoovering out the car, guaranteed at least three broken nails and a couple of bruises as I bang my head or knee or more often than not my funny bone!

I’ve heard people say that if they were rich they would opt for a chef or would like to have clean sheets on the bed every day, well I would have someone to come and clean my car every evening so that it would be pristine in the morning. I love having a clean car but it is virtually impossible with the mutt!! There are hairs everywhere and dribble on the windows! Now of course that he is getting older he finds it almost impossible to jump up into the boot and so he now takes pride of place in the middle of the back seat…this way he can pull faces at me in the rear view mirror! It does of course give him the perfect position to launch himself either to the left or the right to throw himself at unsuspecting motorcyclists!! Boy he can make a noise when he wants to!!

The boot of the car is full of Charlie bits, basket, towels, bowls, balls, ball thrower, bottles of water and the like not to mention a spare hat for me and various other bits and bobs.

Of course now that the wet weather is with us, the car won’t be cleaned until the first signs of spring!! Which means I have to put up with the smell of wet dog for another 6 – 8 months!!!

I did once have a car, in between dogs, and boy was it clean, it was bright cherry red and had black leather seats, it was a delight to drive…it always smelled lovely. Although at the time I did have a cat and she would insist on getting her paws as dirty as possible and walked up the bonnet over the roof and back down onto the boot!! What is it with my animals?

Anyway the dogless stage didn’t last long and here I am again with a pooch mobile!!
I wouldn’t really have it any other way, I love my Charlie boy even if he does moult and dribble!! Never mind eh? If I were rich I would have two cars that would solve the problem!!!
The only photo I managed today was taken whilst in my car in a queue of traffic!!! I’ll probably be arrested!!!! Lovely sky though!!


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