DAY 341 (Silly Cow!)

Well for all the times I complain about my job, as part of a Christmas treat the powers that be have given each member of staff time off for Xmas shopping that means I get four hours off today and I get paid for it!! That’s not bad is it?  So that gives me more time messing around with photoshop and lounging on the sofa watching ridiculously pointless US sitcoms!!

It also means that at 8pm tonight when I’m thinking of going to bed!! I’ll have to go and get dressed and go to work until midnight…ah well you can’t have it all!!! I think it’s a pretty cool thing to offer staff and so I’m not complaining in the least!

And this is what I’ve been up to! Working on backgrounds and textures!

This is just a background kind of stained paper effect….

And this one I’ve changed from day to night!! With my very own home made sky!!!!

This is the original….



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