DAY 346

Well I can honestly say, today is the first day since I started this blog that I don’t feel like blogging. I have no photos because my computer is broken and I haven’t done anything at all today! I’ve been so lazy. I got up and walked the dog and that’s about it. I did wake up really early (the moon was still out!) it was so bright! In fact I think it was the light from the moon that woke me!
I’ve laid on the sofa watching the TV and kept dropping off! You know that really strange sleep when you wake up and you feel like you’ve been drugged? Then you drop off again. Gosh I do hope I’m not going down with some bug, I hate being ill so I’ve taken a load of vitamin C to ward off anything that may be lurking!
I’m working later on so for now ill conserve my strength, I have no energy at all so I’ll leave this for now and hopefully snap something with my phone later. Apologies, dear blog readers for a really measly and miserable post!


4 thoughts on “DAY 346

  1. I reckon you’re allowed one day off! And yes I do know that feeling! On Tuesday I woke up at 2pm in the afternoon having had 13 hours sleep! Part of me is shocked to have woken up so late, the other part of me is quite proud of being able to sleep so long!

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