DAY 347 (The art of a good night’s sleep!)

Ok so you probably think I’m going to tell you all about milky drinks, warm baths, and essential oils…well you’d be wrong.

Let me tell you about last night!! Actually, yesterday the Hubster and I went to buy a mattress topper, they’re all the rage!! We have a memory foam mattress which is probably about 5 years old and I don’t care what they say about them, they definately do form dips where the heavier of us has been lying!! (No names mentioned) We popped down to the local bedding shop, what an array!! I didn’t realise just how many different types of topper there were. We ruled out anything with down, feather or horse hair due to my asthma, we decided against the memory foam and parted with £90 for a King size fluffy white non allergenic topper. Got it home and opened the bag, my goodness, it had a life of it’s own as it burst out of the bag!! It looked very much like 15 pillows sown up in a duvet cover…this can’t be right!! We made up the bed, it now looks like something from the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. We made jokes about getting a ladder to get into bed and to be careful we wouldn’t hit our heads on the ceiling when we sat up in bed!! I’m sure it will settle but at the moment it looks as though there is a huge monster under the duvet!!

I came in from work last night, and was freezing – on leaving work in a hurry to get home, at midnight, I find my car totally frozen so I have to scrape all the white off it and sit inside while it seems to take forever and it really is the last thing I want to do at that time of night. Anyway I got home safely and was chuffed at the idea of the new bed addition. I got into bed and it is like lying in a furrowed field, I found my furrow and the hubster had already found his little trough and was snoring. I cooched down it was so comfortable and slept like a lamb until 7 this morning….heaven, I lay there listening to the Dustbin men, the dragging of the bins to the lorry and the huge asthmatic wheeze as the bins are lifted and emptied into the back of the truck, I lay there thinkingj “Damn, I forgot to put the bins out last night!” Again….I’m useless at remembering the bins….whty doesn’t someone invent an alarm to fit on the bin so that it sounds on the day before collection or maybe there could be a large flashing light that could be attached to the lid!!!

The next thing I know, I wake up and the Hubster is gone, I sit up, and look at the clock, damn no batteries in that one. I pad to the bathroom, my head is throbbing, I glance in the mirror, “who is that?” oh dear, one eye swollen shut! The hair standing on end and the lips, oh my god the lips!!! Swollen beyond all recognition, I look like I’ve been in a boxing ring!!! The first thing that comes to mind is how on earth am I going to sort this out before I go to work!! The second thing, “what time is it?”. I go downstairs – no husband, and a dirty, filthy look from the dog!! he looks like my Mum, I can hear him saying “and what time do you call this young lady?” I look at the clock on the mantlepiece, 10:15, the thing is even though it’s daylight, I get that awful panic feeling in the pit of my stomach, 10:15 is that morning, evening, what day is it? where’s the husband, should I be at work, oh god where am I, even worse who am I?

It took me an age and three coffees to come round and the head was still pounding as I set off to walk Charlie. The sun was out, and blinding my watering slits for eyes and it was very cold which hurt my head even more, but by the time I was in the swing of things I was able to appreciate the beauty and took a couple of photos with my phone for you to see.

I’m now back, on coffee number 4, the head is still hurting but the swelling is going down!!

The Hubby is on the golf course, his feet will be blocks of ice!! and all is well with the world again.

Back to the subject of this blog, Mattress topper or no mattress topper that is the question? Tell you what – I’ll sleep on it and get back to you in the morning and let you know……

Sleep well everyone!

Oh and by the way, please ignore all the spelling mistakes as I’m not on my PC!




10 thoughts on “DAY 347 (The art of a good night’s sleep!)

  1. New comfy mattress can really add beauty to ur sleep, i reallly wud like to see ur princess n the pea mattress:D will give a better visual to this post hehe
    hope u slept in well and enjoyin the comfort of it 🙂
    I remember just a couple of months back when we got our new mattress it felt so huge and much thicker then the oldie with dips n springs, i remember sittin in it and instantly feeling the difference 🙂
    Earlier i wud wake up with back aches mostly,(before the new one) now i only wake up with a fresh mind and a well rested body 😉

    • Oh how I wish I could say the same, I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but at the moment I just seem to roll from one furrow to another!! The Hubster doesn’t seem to have the same problem though!!!

      • It does take a lil adjustment to get used to the new mattress since the back is used to old dips and foam 🙂
        u will get there and when you do, u will absolutely love it and will have the best sleep eva 🙂

      • Glad you liked the photo, I’ll definitely have to go and get some ‘proper’ photos of the decorations. Hope it snows!!! It’s gone really cold here.

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