DAY 351(Daggers, Dogs and Decorations!)

OK so it was a knife….the photo at the bottom shows you the whole thing….I really was scraping the bottom of the barrel with that!!

I’ve had such a lovely day, I walked the dog this morning and all my mates (and the dog’s mates) were out too….it was great to catch up but boy was it nippy…my toes were frozen.  I then went to visit a friend as she has the cutest little miniature daschund and I’ve always wanted to take a photo of her wearing a string of pearls…..don’t ask…that’s just the way my brain works.  It was great fun! Unfortunately my PC still isn’t working and I know how I want to edit it to get the effect I want but I’m going to have to wait.

Last night I did manage to get down to the village and take some photos of the Xmas Decorations, it was lovely but again very cold…but I really enjoyed it, playing with all the settings on the camera…great to get some light trails from the passing cars.

Right I’m off – I’m going with a friend for a bite to eat and hopefully a glass of red wine…just to warm me up….of course!!!!IMG_9124IMG_9153IMG_9159IMG_9303aIMG_9363

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