DAY 353 (The joys of dog ownership…or Charlie’s bottom!!)

20121206-125554.jpgI promise I will try and keep this as tasteful as possible….not easy though we are talking about a dog’s bum!!!

Well after the fright of seeing really, really red blood around Charlie’s back end last night.  I got up this morning not really sure what I was going to find, he was fast asleep in his basket and I didn’t want to disturb him by poking and prodding so I left him wake up naturally….as soon as he was up and walking I was stooped down trying to peer at his back end to see what was going on….definitely a swelling….but as soon as I approached he sat on it.

I took advantage while he was having his breakfast and there, yes, definitely a swelling and it looked sore so I rang the vet and made an appointment….just enough time to take him on a quick walk and then off to the vets.  This is Charlie’s idea of hell on earth.  It’s not this vet’s fault but a previous one who traumatized the poor dog.  Ah well it has to be done.

We arrived at the vets and Charlie is already tugging to get out of the  waiting room..our vet is fabulous but the poor guy, normally likes to keep Charlie as his last patient of the day so he can go home and have a shower….it’s hard work with this boy, he wriggles and backs himself up against the wall until we have him truly wedged in a corner. We even have to put a muzzle on him just in case.

Today I had to get him up on the table….he’s a heavy mutt, 22 kilos of wriggling dog!!! Anyway once up there i held on to him for dear life as he wriggled, moaned, cried, yelped and shook….as the vet put on the gloves I knew Charlie was NOT going to enjoy the next couple of minutes.

I shall spare you the details….yukk!! But for those of you who have dogs….he has a blocked duct….(if you know what I  mean!!) so he is now on antibiotics, anti-imflamatories and to top it off I have to apply a hot compress to my dog’s bum three times a day for 7 days…to reduce the swelling…the vet assured me that Charlie would actually enjoy this!!!

So I get home have some lunch and decide to compress his bum, I prepare the saline solution I dip the towel in the warm liquid and approach Charlie cooing in soft comforting tones, I reach out to place the soothing compress to his rear end, he looks at me…shows me the whites of his eyes, the fangs are out….he gives me a growl that tells me to “BACK OFF MRS….YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH TODAY!!!!) and he skulks back to his basket and watches me as if to say….”go on I dare you…..” so I left him to it….I’ll try again later!

I shall not be posting a photo of Charlie’s bum….lucky you….but one of him feeling a little sorry for himself….


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