DAY 357 (Hot chocolate, photoshop and paracetamol)

Sjparkly CharlieThis is a first! A morning blog!! I’ve just got back from the walk, my feet are cold and my fingers are tingling, I’ve just made a steaming hot, velvety, mug of hot chocolate and taken two paracetamols!!

It all started last night, I invited a friend over for supper, I lit the fire, we ate and I promptly fell asleep!! Talk about the hostess with the mostest!! Fortunately, it was a very, very good friend and she entertained herself whilst I nodded off and no doubt dribbled!! When I woke I felt rough, sore throat, ear ache and achy bones!!!

This morning, I felt a lot better, I hate being under the weather. On my walk I was on form, mercilessly teasing my friend – saying that she had passed me her cold!! She’s a good old stick (he he!!) and didn’t take offence!! Thanks:)

And now I feel as though I’m going downhill again…but it really is minor. I think I’ll survive, I better had as this afternoon, the hubster and I are going Christmas Shopping…should be fun!! He loves the giving but he hates the buying, it’s so difficult coming up with ideas for Christmas pressies, especially when buying for other people’s children who we’ve not seen for a year or sometimes more!!

I still don’t’ have my PC so I don’t have access to all my photos, I shall have a look and see what I can find, and edit…maybe I’ll try a Christmassy one….

Here’s one I manipulated of Charlie (when he was a lot younger!!)with some Christmassy decorations


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