DAY 358 (Take Cover!!)

Oh dear, well it’s now 4:30 a.m. I’ve been awake for an hour!! If any of my friends is haveing trouble sleeping and reads this now – please don’t ring me….it’ll wake the man and the dog and then I’ll be in BIG trouble (they need their beauty sleep) but please send me an email!!!

And what have I been doing…yep Photoshopping!! Well it’s the only kind of shopping I know whereby it doesn’t cost a penny!!  Given that we spent a small fortune yesterday afternoon, Christmas shopping! We did well though and managed to get everything that was on the list. I also decided to ignor the Bah Humbug side of me and put up the Christmas Tree and so glad I did, it’s lovely to have twinkly lights on at night.

Anyway….where was I…oh yes Photoshopping – so this is what I’ve been up to…I took this photo of the London Eye that I took a couple of years ago and decided to spice it up! Well if the world is going to end on the 21st December (and I hope not – I’ve bought loads of presents that I want to hand out!!!) this is maybe what is in store!!

London Eye....before

London Eye….before

And here is the ‘after’ photo!

London eye AfterWhat do you think? I think it should be entitled “The end is Nigh” Should appeal to Dave Farmer!!! Wouldn’t like to be in one of those pods!!!

I have a busy day ahead. I have an appointment for the Asthma Clinic and both the Hubster and I have an appointment at the opticians this afternoon. Then tonight we’re meant to be going to a birthday party…at the moment I’m not feeling too bad but I’ll see how I feel later!


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