DAY 359 (Brrrrr!!)

Eh heck it’s cold out there!! Blimey, we’ve not had it this cold in a while, the fire is lit, the heating in on, the Christmas Lights are twinkling and I’ve just had another mug of Hot Chocolate and another two paracetamols!!! I’m feeling a little rough, but will be ok…Please, don’t worry about me:)

The Christmas presents are wrapped and under the tree, except for one…mine! Why? I hear you ask, “Hasn’t he bought her a present yet?” Well yes bless the hubster has bought me a beautiful present, a lovely new winter jacket, you know the type, three in one, fleece, waterproof, pockets everywhere, lovely bits that tighten around the wrist to keep out the draughts, a hood that would fend off the worst storm….”Well, Why isn’t it wrapped under the Christmas Tree?” Because dear blog reader….I needed it to go for my walk this morning!! I know I shouldn’t have but it was so cold out there and after all I am poorly!!! So I wrapped up and walked the woods with the dog. I would love to go out with the camera today – there are some stunning shots to be taken but I really don’t feel up to it…so you can have these that I took yesterday morning….



The little dog photo is a bonus, we bumped into an ex-neighbour yesterday with his 8 week old fox terrier puppy, I’m so envious!!!

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