DAY 363 (Or is it? – Bye Bye Blog!!)

Well I was wondering this morning what have I learned from blogging, well apparently the first thing is that I can’t count!!! Because…
I received notification that today is one year since I started my blog with WordPress….I can’t believe it, I’ve done it, I feel amazing, what an achievement? Maybe not a lot for most people but for me….it’s really quite huge!!

I woke this morning feeling quite miserable as I had to go into work yesterday having spent the whole day in bed asleep. Fortunately, I worked with my boss, and she’s such a great lady, we get on really well, and we work well together so it didn’t seem like work at all and she was very sweet and kept making me sit down to rest.  I felt really tired this morning but the walk with Charlie has perked me up and I’m actually feeling as though I’m over the worst of this horrid poorliness. (I hate being ill) For one thing it means the house looks terrible, I’ve run out of cups!! and the bins really do need emptying, and how come the washing basket is overflowing? I’ve only worn my PJ’s for the last 4 days!!
Anyway back to my blogging anniversary….I feel as though I must thank someone, and that just has to be YOU…. strangers and some friends that have found me in the ether and followed me…have left some incredibly kind and supportive messages, I feel I know some of you even though we’ve never met. It is an incredible invention, the internet, and I for one, think it’s fantastic. I remember posting my first blog and wondering if anyone would ever read it, let alone follow it….to date I’ve nearly 200 people who read my blog, whether it’s to gawp at my ramblings or whether it’s to have a ganders at my photos…either way, thank you so much.
Yes – where do I go from here, well, I’m definitely going to continue to blog, but not every day, it’s been a task and a half, through, sickness, holidays, internet breakdowns but I did it!! Yay!! I will continue my photography – I’m not yet sure in what capacity, I really need to sit down and work out whether I could make some serious income from it….the doggie side of things works well, I think because I enjoy it so much – I don’t apply myself seriously to it. I don’t ‘really’ see it as a business, I feel as though I’m playing at it…so watch this space – a decision will be made!
Yes I’m going to be a rebel….today my last day…I’m going to give myself the day off!! NO PHOTO (unless of course I take one later!!) but for now, my dear internet friends, I’ll say bye-bye, I wish you all the very best with your blogs, continue to enjoy and now I’m not blogging on a daily basis I’ll hopefully have more time to read yours…so you see you haven’t got rid of me yet!!
All the best and chat with you soon….take care and thanks again!!!!

4 thoughts on “DAY 363 (Or is it? – Bye Bye Blog!!)

  1. Huge congratulations on your achievement!! I’ve totally enjoyed following your photographic adventure and hope it does continue in whatever capacity makes you happy! I reckon you deserve a day off, so enjoy and I hope you feel better soon!

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