A voice from the past!!

Hi everyone,

Well it seems to have been an age since I’ve been on here, I just wanted to let you know that I may be back soon!!! At the moment I’m caught up with my photography and wanted to let you know that I’m going ahead full throttle with it….(time allowing!!)

I have my images for sale on the photo4me website….www.photo4me.com/photosbymo

and being very brave have started up with FaceBook again….here’s my page address if you’d like to pop over and ‘like’ it I would be eternally grateful.  Click here

I must dash…things to do!! But as I said – I’ll be back!!!

To all of you that have been checking in – many thanks……:)


5 thoughts on “A voice from the past!!

    • Hi there, thank you so much, I’ve left a reply on FB but to be quite honest it’s taking me an age to understand the whole FB thing…it’s changed so much!! I was so pleased that you had a look and that you liked it, I hope it works, I really want to take this photography seriously…wouldn’t it be great if it works!! I live in hope!!!

  1. Had to pop another comment in here because…damn! That’s some top photography stuff on your photo website and no mistake! Love the ability to view the photo in a real setting too, very cool. Early Morning Spiders’ Web is stunning, as are the lovely doggy shots! Good for you!

    • That is so kind of you! It’s so good to hear from someone from my ‘blogging’ days. I’m really going to try and make the photograpphy thing work….I also have an idea for a book….I’ll be in touch soon and let you know what it is…I may (I will) be needing your help!!! Maybe you could write it for me!!! lol

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