A Hustle of Russells????

Well, my goodness, I’ve been wanting to post a new blog on here for the last couple of days and haven’t had the time, so here we go! I want to know what you call a group of Jack Russells….could it be a “Hustle of Russells“?

I love JR’s they are such playful little dogs with massive characters. When I grew up I was always told to be wary of JR’s and yet as an adult I’ve yet to meet one that isn’t the most incredibly sweet-tempered dog. I believe it’s due to them being well socialized ..and where I walk there are many and they all get on.

Here are a couple of snaps…you tell me whether you think I’ve found the correct word!!!

Daisy and Reggie

All noise and no harm done….just good clean fun!

Russell tustle

Russells doing what Russells do best!

Reggie on Grass

I could take this one home with me!

A hustle of Russells

My point exactly!

Oh Winnie

And always one that embarrasses the owner!!!

I’ve been on a mammoth walk this morning over two hours and have taken so many photographs it’s going to take an age to edit them all!!! I think I’ll have a quick flick of a duster and an even quicker zoom with the Dyson and then it’s post processing….I can’t wait.

Oh it is good to blog again and with the weather picking up there seems so much more to photograph.

I would also like to thank all of you who’ve been in touch and left messages…it makes me feel very special.


Take care, have a great Sunday!


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