Ok I’m begging!!!

I know it’s not a pretty sight!!! A woman of my age down on her knees and begging her virtual friends to vote for a couple of (well 3 actually!) images! The thing is, you see, I’ve entered a competition through the FineArtAmerica website, enter three images, when you get 250 votes, it goes through to the next round!! 250!!!

Idon’t know 250 people, how can I? I’m always sat at the computer! I don’t get out much ha ha.  And then like a bolt of lightening out of the blue – I remembered all my virtual friends, and yes – you lovely people I mean you!!! My WordPress friends and I have quite a few!


So here are the three images that I entered – if you would like to help me along,  just click on the image and vote…..




Picture 101


A Cup of Rainbow


I found it impossible to choose my three favourites, I mean it’s all personal, but these were my three favourites on the day of choice!! The winner, by the way, has their image featured on a TV advertising campaign in the States, can you imagine how exciting that would be?

Also you do realise that if I ever got that far in the competition that I would be unbearable to live with….so go on…do it!!! Click three times and vote! Especially for Archie the beautiful dog picture…..

In return, I promise that I will continue blogging for a year, providing you with new, colourful, happy images to brighten up your day….

Ok now for the begging…..



Can I get up off my knees now, cos you know it’s hard as you get older and my old bones are aching.


Many many thanks to those of you who’ve read all the way down to here and even bigger thanks if you’ve clicked on any of my images above…….xx

4 thoughts on “Ok I’m begging!!!

    • Thank you so much, if I get to 250 I’ll eat my hat but so worth the try!!! Please tell your friends – I need all the help I can get. Gosh, I need to get out more!!!

    • Thanks Dave, I don’t know what I was thinking there is no way I’m going to get to 250! But it was worth a try…you know there are some people already on 250 – I think I’m on 10!! How sad is that? lol

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