My memory is playing tricks on me

Hi there, so sorry I haven’t blogged for such a long time, I won’t go into the whys and wherefores as it’s all pretty boring!


But here you go, this is what is going through my mind today … and it’s really bugging me!



I was organising things in my head this morning, in preparation for a future  trip, as I thought of something we would need,  I wrote it down on a piece of paper. Then true to form I then created categories:

Things for the journey,

Things for the car,



Clothing for fine weather

Clothing (if it’s a bit chilly)

Things for the dog,

First aid etc etc etc

I’m sure there are plenty of you who are the same. Without these lists, we’d leave in our pyjamas, get to the airport and would never end up anywhere because I didn’t have the passports. So you see these are my aide memoires. It makes perfect sense.I put it down to, you know, the over 50’s forgetfulness! Just one of those things.

Well if that’s the case …

… why is it I can remember dogs’ names, I’m brilliant at remembering dogs’ names! Why is that? I can meet a dog once and see it a couple of months later in a different location and remember it’s name. I can hardly remember my neighbours names and I’ve lived on the same road as them for over 10 years! I can never remember people’s names so why dogs, especially when you have so many breeds but the name is the same… how is it I know a German Shepherd called Archie, equally a poodle, a jack russell or a boxer with the same name, why doesn’t that confuse me?

I once saw a puppy in the woods, called Kobe, I’d never seen him before, about 6 months later I was walking in the high street and saw this lovely dog, said hello and then looked at the owner and said, “Is this Kobe?” The answer was Yes! This dog was a Golden Retriever so not an obscure breed! The first time I saw the dog it was with it’s female owner with two children the second time it was with it’s male owner … so explain that to me!!

And then I thought about my photography, on my hard drive alone I have tens of thousands of photographs and give me one and I can tell you exactly where it was, and the situation leading up to the capture, how I was feeling, if it’s just a shot of a flower I can tell you what the weather was like and more or less what time of day it was.Ok I admit I couldn’t tell you the specific camera setting (I could have a bloody good guess though,) I mean, I would know if it were shutter or aperture priority.  So may be it’s a visual thing that helps my memory.

OK and if you could please explain this to me,

I need to go shopping for four items,



orange juice

and sugar.

If I haven’t written it down, I have to go through a huge rigamarole of repeating the list over and over again in my head in a singing fashion so that I don’t forget it. I repeat this to myself all the way to the supermarket. However – this system doesn’t always work! Countless times as I’m driving home I’m thinking  “Damn it … What was the fourth item?” and you can bet your bottom dollar as soon as I walk up the path put my key in the latch, I’m smacked on the head with “SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR!!!!!”

Oh life can be so annoying!

Anyway what I thought I would do today is just drag out a random photo, from my archives, not particularly a good one but just to see what I remember about the time it was taken.


Two trees  OK what do I remember about this?

It was taken in the Cotswolds in the UK. It was late afternoon, we’d had a late lunch.  It was a tiny little village with a pub and a church, lovely church yard by the way, have quite a few pics from that.  I was with a bunch of the family, including, my sister from France with her son.  We had two dogs with us, I even remember where Charlie made a deposit…whoops!

It was in the summer and it was bloody miserable and we were all wearing winter clothing. My sister wore a silly pink hat.

I didn’t have a “posh” camera so the setting was most definitely automatic. I remember thinking should I have included the thatched cottage on the right hand side in the photo? and as you can see I made a boob and caught just the edge of the roof! I wasn’t in a particularly good mood, I know that but you don’t need to know! Ha Ha.

So there you go, you see from one photo so many things come to my mind, I can even remember the smell in the air, it was almost autumnal.

Anyway I’m sure you get my drift, so if you’ll excuse me I really must get back to my lists!!

I’ve got so much to do and here I am tapping away, but I do have a smile on my face, so it can’t be wrong!!

Catch up soon … if I remember!!!






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