An important announcement!

I’m pleased to announce I have a new card store, click here to have a peek, the criterea for cards is very strict and not all designs are approved. The approval process seems to take forever (at the moment it’s taking a good 3-4 weeks) and so my store is growing a little day by day, but I thought I would share this one with you … I’m delighted to say I’ve already sold a couple of this design, and it’s such a thrill.  I make a paltry amount of money much much less than a dollar a card but the satisfaction I get from designing the cards and the pride I feel, when I think someone on the other side of the world chooses my card over the 1000’s available, is a real buzz.

Golfer Birthday card (1081936)the inside of this card reads, a good day in the office or a bad day on the golf course?

The cards cost $3.50 each (which is less than £2.50) if you buy just one, if you buy between 2 and 4 the price drops to $3.00 (£1.99) and between 5 and 24 down to $2.79 (£1.85), you can customise the inside and some of my designs will also have a customisable front which means you can insert your own photo or wording. That’s a lot cheaper than the mass produced cards you buy at the local supermarket!

It’s so simple, you choose a card, edit the wording, add your own message, enter the address of the recipient and whoosh, it’s done!!  And it’s a real card, not an e card!! God I love the internet!!

If you would like me to design a card for you, with one of your photos or just for a special event,  let me know, get in touch, tell me what ideas you have, what occasion you’re celebrating and I will have a crack at it for you.

I hope you’ll go and have a look and let me know what you think, in theory my store should grow day by day as more of my designs are approved, so why not bookmark my store, I’d love you to have a browse and maybe buy a couple of cards, and make an old woman very happy.

Take care all, enjoy the sunshine 🙂

Let me know what you think...

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